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Organization Development is first and foremost a practice informed by theory, and in practical terms the practice of OD encompasses activities, which deliver organizational change through people. Or, simply put, OD is people-led change.

An OD viewpoint sees:

  • People are your product (employees)
  • People deliver your service (capability and capacity)
  • People are your end users (clients)
  • They are at the heart of your business


  • You may not know the value of your people resource
  • You may not be using your people to their full potential (Under-utilization of resource)
  • You may not realize the FULL value of your people resource

OD has become more widely acknowledged by contemporary organizations because of the prevalence of change and the need for change methods that work following a failure of change programs to deliver their promised outcomes.

There is a growing recognition that organizations that ignore the people bit of change in favor of the more tangible process reengineering and organizational restructures in isolation do so at the risk of resistance to change, cultural malignancy, and a risk to return on investment (ROI).