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Dialogic Practice

Emergent thinking about enduring themes

4iforum is a response to a business and leadership environment where no one in living memory will have experience of how to solve the problems that businesses are facing or have the answer to how to take advantage of the opportunities that are out there. Leaders are invited to experience dialogue in a virtual space where they can think about thinking together with others.

4iforum provides uncompromising, impactful and innovative collective learning. Our forums support leaders to discover new insights and think differently about how to tackle emerging and enduring challenges


4iforum developed from a desire to find an effective response to the organisational world being turned upside down. Normal strategic processes are focused on responding to the environment of tomorrow.  But what if you can’t see what the future holds?

How do you develop a strategic response when you don’t know what you don’t know?

Dialogue is a process that helps our ability to think differently. It helps us to create momentum as a result of experimenting through communication and the transformative power of the collective mind. Dialogic forums are designed to slow down the thinking process, bringing a radical transformation in problem solving and decision making.

At 4iforum we have designed our forums to be a safe space where you can suspend judgment so each listener is able to reflect back the group assumptions and unspoken implications being expressed without the need to defend positions.

4iforum goes beyond discussing problems to find a solution. Quite frankly you wouldn’t be a business leaders if you didn’t know how to do that. What we offer is an opportunity for leaders to think about the way they think about problems. To think things that will surprise you, and that you have not said out loud before. Our dialogue will change you and you will emerge with a new sense of the situation and an awareness of what is not yet visible.

This will give momentum to the change your organisation needs. Find out more about our sponsored forums at