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Managing teams remotely is tough, working at home whilst in lockdown is even tougher.  Firstly, you will quickly discover that people you thought you knew very well have a different work personality to their home personality.  Suddenly your flaky partner who can’t make a decision is able to give clarity and clear direction with his or her work colleagues, or your normally highly strung flatmate is calm and patient with everyone.  You’ll start to wonder whether you’ve been invaded by the body snatchers.

Regardless of whether you are isolating alone and only connecting with others via technology, working with your family at home or with flatmates or even your parents You need R.E.S.P.E.C.T to work harmoniously with others.

  • Recognize that everyone is different – we all have our quirks that drive other people nuts… even you!
  • Empathy – Don’t be quick to judge or react. Take time to listen and connect with others.
  • Self-Monitor – Think first about what impact your reaction or words will have on others.
  • Personal Space – Give a little room (Physical and Mental) to others – As a chronic introvert “I need to self-isolate” has actually become a thing in our house, and everyone knows it means I am feeling overwhelmed.
  • Earn Trust through your Actions – actions have consequences and people will respond to you based on their experience of your past actions.
  • Cheer on Others and their Success – Whether it is work colleagues, your spouse or your kids spot opportunities to celebrate.
  • Treat Everyone as an Equal – Your needs are not more important than those of other people. Be considerate and make sure you are pulling your weight – whether that is taking turns with home educating, making cups of tea or taking responsibility for running the next virtual team huddle on MS Teams